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This is where I live. Love this area . Life is happier by the lake :)

Hello my name is Anna and I'm a passionate photographer of newborn babies, kids, and families but I am also a sister –devoted friend – a wife to the most amazingly supportive husband, mother of a wonderful young man and stepmom of another amazing guy.
Being a newborn photographer is one of the greatest jobs in the world. And being able to hold and cuddle sweet little miracles is heaven.
I love working with families, kids of all ages ,but newborns are my favorite subjects to photograph.

My studio is home-based and fully equipped with a huge range of props, cute outfits, headpieces, blankets and wraps for Newborn photography. 

I take a lot of care with editing your photos to perfection.

If you like my photography style as well as you want to have pictures taken here , outdoors or in your place I am the best choice for you. 

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